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Hohenlohe is full of surprises with something new and interesting around every river bend. If you like cycling leisurely through the countryside and want to discover the region's sights for yourself, why not try the popular Kocher-Jagst cycle route or one of several other tours in the area. Numerous hiking trails run through romantic valleys, over gentle highlands and through landscapes so serene and tranquil that you can do nothing but cast your cares aside. Named after one of the town's best-known sons, the Georg Fahrbach hiking route, which runs to Stuttgart via Hohenlohe and the Swabian-Franconian Forest Nature Park, begins in Criesbach. En route, you can observe wild plants and animals, get into conversation with locals, watch farmers at work and notice a multitude of cultural differences.

No matter what your sport – inline skating, jogging, sailing, hang-gliding, ballooning, golfing or almost any other activity – you will find a host of opportunities in Hohenlohe. Naturally enough, water plays a special role in this connection. The rivers and lakes are full of trout, carp, zander, eels and pike. Holders of a valid fishing licence can purchase day tickets for well-stocked waters.

Swimmers will find a variety of rivers where bathing is permitted, e.g., in Schöntal, Klepsau and Kuenzelsau, not to mention open-air pools and lakes for bathing, such as the Tiroler Lakes in Schöntal, Neumühl Lake near Waldenburg and the Breitenau Lake in the neighbouring rural district of Heilbronn. In the summer, they not only give you the chance to cool down and relax but also enable you to stay inexpensively and close to nature on the adjoining camping sites. Depending on the water level and season, it is also possible to commune with nature by paddling along the Jagst and Kocher valleys in a canoe.

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